Store program, modern handles, modern knobs, old style handles, old style knobs, keys and keys old, pendant and rings Foots, adjustable foots and adjusters Castors, castor for chairs and heavy duty castors Recessed shelf holder, adjustable shelf support, tube holder, wardrobe tube, accessories for multiple shaft-lock, pusher, gas piston, straightening shaft for sliding doors, clothes hanger, fair lead, keyboard and mouse holder and door shatter Housings, dowels, conic screws, eccentrics, covercaps, sockets, shelf supports, supports and screws

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Loc. Bellanda 84/c, Lucignano (Ar) Italy
Phone.: (+39) 0575 819055
Monday to Saturday, from 9:00AM to 7:00PM

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LINKOM SRL • P.IVA IT00865350524 • Loc. Bellanda 84/c • 52046, Lucignano (Ar), Italy | PHONE.: (+39) 0575 819055 | FAX: (+39) 0575 819499